Saturday, April 27, 2013

nice day at the office

 Look who came to visit me at the office this afternoon.
The lockers were her favourite part, particularly when she found this pom pom attached to my workmate Carolyn's locker.  I actually made this pom pom years ago.  It was destined for a pom pom bomb kit (I used to work away on them in the kitchen on my lunch breaks) but Carolyn grew quite attached to this particular pom pom and has had it on her locker ever since.  Fortunately, I managed to prise it out of Dulcie's hands and reattach it to its rightful place on the locker door before any damage was done.  It was funny that she was so attracted to the only thing round there that really came from me.  I will have to make her some pom poms of her own to play with at home.
 Dulcie looked so tiny tottering about the office.  She was a bit shy and wary at first (we had to carry her over the threshold) but she had a good nosey at everything/everyone in the end.  My office is always pretty quiet at the weekends, so it wasn't too overwhelming for her.
We went for lunch (macaroni and chips) at the local greasy spoon and stopped to take this photo outside the house where Graham was born, which is right on the doorstep of my office.  This was also the spot where he was run over by a car while running across the road when his mum shouted that his chicken soup was ready. Ah, happy memories... Ha ha!

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