Sunday, April 21, 2013

granny's gone?!

Dulcie's granny (my mum) finally went home on Friday.  Barring a wee break of a few days in the middle, she had been with us for five weeks.  Tomorrow will be the first day in a long time that I'll have had to look after Dulcie on my own all day.  I haven't pushed the pram and have barely so much as changed a nappy in over a month!  Whatever will we do?  I'm hoping Dulcie won't be too demanding.  Having had LOTS of attention for the last wee while, I don't think she will take too kindly to being fobbed off with toys/other distractions whenever I need to do something.  I'm still having to be careful with picking her up etc. so I'm hoping there won't be too many flinging-herself-around tantrums.  I can only pick her up with one arm, so it requires co-operation on her part.  I don't think I'll risk taking her to the park as it's nearly always a fight to get her back in the pram when it's time to go home.  I wish we could just stay in all week, but I have a couple of annoying heart-related appointments to go to.  I think tomorrow might be a house-bound day though.  Baby steps.  I should add I have barely had to look after myself for the last five weeks either and even the thought of making dinner seems like an insurmountable task.  Come back, Mum!  Please!

Word of the week: trepidation...


  1. Will be thinking of you both tomorrow. It'll be fine, eat grapes and watch DVDs. x

    1. Thanks :) No problems so far, but then she is distracted by blueberries and clementines in her high chair right now...


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