Sunday, April 7, 2013

win in the end!

I may not have won anything on Friday's Euromillions (boo hiss!) but I did win this gorgeous cushion cover in Jane Foster's monthly giveaway.  Hooray!  This cushion is so perfectly up my street, I feel like it was meant to be.  I'm looking forward to putting this in Dulcie's bedroom... once she has one of her own!  This month Jane's giving away some lovely vintage fabric squares.  You can enter here.


  1. Very stylish - just the thing for a cool kid like Dulcie :)

    I treated myself to one of Jane Foster's posters in Ikea last week, even though I have no wall space for it... We will probably move house within a year or so, and I am saving it for the wall of a big, airy kitchen :)

    1. I'm stockpiling souvenir plates for the day Graham caves in and agrees I can hang them on the relatively bare walls of our kitchen!


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