Tuesday, April 23, 2013

how to poach an egg

I already mentioned that my mum taught Dulcie how to be a good and helpful homemaker while she was staying with us, but she also taught me a few tricks too! I can now poach an egg perfectly, without any vinegar or swirling or anything other than a simple pan of hot water. I just had two perfect poached eggs for my lunch. Mmmm! 

Want to know how? Here you go...

Bring a pan of water (fairly deep) to a rapid boil then turn the heat off completely. Crack your egg (the fresher the better) into a bowl or similar receptable and lower/slide the egg gently into the hot but still water. Leave well alone for exactly three minutes if you like a really runny yolk, four minutes if you like a yolk that is soft and dark but not really runny, and five minutes if you like your yolk rock sold. Easy, huh? So far, this method has not failed me. My poached eggs are now things of beauty, with their yolks sitting proud above a neat and tidy white. Lovely :)

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