Friday, January 10, 2014

accidental collection #2

Back in July I set up the "regular feature" on my blog of accidental collections.  Well, six months later, here is installment number two!  This would be my collection of notebooks.  I do love notebooks.  I love stationery in general, in fact, but notebooks are a bit special.  Not only are they lovely objects in their own right, but they are also full of potential.  What could I fill them with?  Will this be the notebook that enables me to write my Booker Prize winning novel?  Will this be the notebook where I develop a design for an amazing Gocco print?  Will I devise a fabulous new life via scribbling on these pages?
And this loveliness and inherent potential is what causes me a problem.  You see, none of these notebooks have been used.  It's just so hard to defile a notebook's virgin pages, I think.  What do you put in there?  It could be anything!  Pressure!  I have actually had a few notebooks over the years (I think there is one among this lot, actually) that have something written on the first page and then nothing else in them.  This is even worse than an empty notebook - a sad sight to behold.

There are 25 notebooks here.  I had a bit of a notebook clear-out a few months ago.  Some of these notebooks I bought for myself, some were acquired randomly, some were won in a giveaway and many were given to me as presents.  If you were ever thinking of getting me a notebook as a present, please don't let this confessional post put you off as I do genuinely love to receive them.

I should really start filling these bad boys up.  What shall I write in them?  Or draw?


  1. You really cannot beat a nice, fresh new notebook! I keep buying notebooks for people and then holding on to them, like some sort of stationery addict.

  2. I also have lots of notebook but I daren't count them - they take up at least half a shelf :)

  3. Always nice to know I'm not alone in these things! Thanks, Claire and Lynsey :)

  4. Me too! For once the hoard came in handy last night when I gave one to A so she could start a big book of boo boos for her toys - she is going through a major Doc McStuffins phase right now.

    1. Who the heck is Doc McStuffins?! I guess I'll have that one to look forward to!

      I think we should start a society - NHA, Notebook Hoarders Anonymous.


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