Friday, August 8, 2014

bikes in the rain

On the very last day of the Commonwealth Games, the road race very nearly passed by our front door, so I took some annual leave from work and Dulcie, my mum and I headed down to cheer on the cyclists.
Shortly after arriving, the rain began and it ended up being that oh-so-Glasgow brand of particularly soaking rain.  After half an hour or so, we headed home, all of us wet right through to our pants...and beyond!  Ooh-err, this paragraph sounds v dodgy.  Sorry about that.
Dulcie seemed to enjoy herself despite the weather.  She was stamping her feet and singing, waving at every cyclist or police escort who went by.  She also made friends with a lady from a distant land who kindly shared her umbrella.  I enjoyed it too and was glad to have seen some sport while the Games were in town, but was more than happy to head home and watch it on TV, listening to the helicopter flying overhead at each lap.

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