Tuesday, August 26, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 16)

[In-game screen]
Sorcerer's Steps, apparently.  I don't remember this game.  It would have been on the Spectrum.

2nd May 1988 One week till birthday
[lots of scribbles]
Ecuse the squiggles.  Granny invited us out to lunch.  I made a robot.

3rd of May 1988
I was playing Sorcers Steps on the computer and I was playing scrabble on the computer.  Tonight is the last night I am slep slep sleeping up in the spare room.

5 5 5 rock rock 4th of May 1988
1 Oh no the terror tomorrow we
2 have to go back ba back
3 to s sc school.  We decided
4 that on Saturday we are
5 going to get a car instead
6 of the jeep.  Tonight I was
7 using the word prossesser.
8 Metro car is Metro car.

5th of Mayke
I went to brownies.
I went to school.

6th of May 1988
Today I worked hard today at school and at dancing.  It's very hot.  I discovered I love Alan.  Well sort of.

7th Maybe 1988, 7th of May maybe
Today I got two birthday cards.  I went to a Brownie revel.

8th May 1988 Tommorrow is my birthday
Today I wrote a story on the word prosseser called Polly the Wally.  Kerry and Mum made my birthday cake.

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