Tuesday, August 19, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 15)

I didn't do Highland dancing, as you'll find out, but I always kind of wished I did.  I snapped this photo at the Aberfeldy Highland Games six years ago.

25th April 1988
Today I went swimming. Yet again I swam a length.  Julia and I made a secret code.  This is A [three scribbled out pictures then a picture of a cloud with a crescent moon peeping out from behind it].  P.S. DO NOT COUNT SCRIBBLES

26th April 1988
Dear donna,
I would like to thank you for being my diary.  Today at singing I had to play the melodica and Emsy had to play the xylephone to the sun has got his hat on.  I had to have an extra practice for tap and ballet.  I can play the melodica without a piece of paper.

[This was way more exciting to me than I make it sound - I had been dying for my turn on the melodica for years, or so it felt, ever since my sister had her shot.  Whoever was having a turn was allowed to take the melodica home after school and I practised my little bum off.  I still get excited at the sound of the melodica to this day.]

27th April 1988
Dear Donna,
I am writing a story about a beaver that goes to the dentist.  I did some sums.  Dad gave me a calculator.  Our project is about the dentist.

28th April 1988
Today I was dancing at a coffee evening.  First it was highland but I don't do that then disco I don't do that either then ballet then tap.

29th April 1988
Today there was no dancing.  Tonight I am sleeping in the spare bedroom up in the playroom part.  Kerry is sleeping in the actull playroom itself.

[I wish I'd written more about this because usually our nights of sleeping upstairs were filled with carefully scheduled events such as farting and burping competitions and throwing iced gems up in the air and catching them in our mouths.  Did such shenanigans take place on this evening?  I guess we'll never know.]

30th April 1988
It is the last day of April.  Gails niece Louise and Gail and Peter came to visit us.

1st May 1988
It is a new moth month of the year.  It is the month of my birthday.  Granny and Finlay and Grann and Flora and Lyndsay came to see us.  I was singing to Lyndsay.

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