Sunday, August 10, 2014

there's got to be more to life than committing suicide*

Like I said yesterday, we didn't see much sport during the Commonwealth Games, but we did make it along to one of the accompanying "festival" events - an outdoor screening of That Sinking Feeling in Kelvingrove Park.

It was great to see the film again in this setting since parts of it are filmed in Kelvingrove Park, and the park was just a pretty amazing setting in its own right too.  The trees behind the screen were so massive, the weather was glorious and seagulls were wheeling across the sky.  There was also a bar on site, so we enjoyed a pint from a local brewery along with the American hard gums we had smuggled past security.  (Security is a whole other story...  I feel a maudlin heart haiku brewing!  Ha!)
The bandstand has just recently been refurbished and looks great. It's lovely to see it back in use. After the film, there was a band on too. Fun, fun times.  Hooray for baby-sitters!
* Please don't stage an intervention - this is one of the rather amusing lines from the film!

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