Tuesday, August 12, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 14)

Such grace and elegance!  No, really, I can't believe my posture was ever this good.  This is not how I generally dressed for ballet.  I think I only wore a tutu about twice in my life.  I wish I did have a photo of myself in the ballet cardigan my mum knitted for me.

18th April 1988
Today I went to swimming at about 11 o'clock.  In the afternoon I did gym.

19th April 1988
I went for a practice at tap and ballet.  We got it right every time.  At school we had singing in the morning.

20th April 1988 [freckly face with a cheesy grin drawn here.]
It is Wednesday.  Julia came over to practice tap and ballet.  I was wearing ski pants [whoot-whoot!] and a checked blouse with a Micky Mouse jumper on top of it.

21st of April 1988 of of of of of f f f
Tonight I went to brownies.  I finished off my mat.  I didn't do much else because Percy [cat] sat on my knee all day.

22nd April 1988
Tonight I took Kraig [dog] for a walk with mum.  I practised ballet and tap for an hour.

f 23rd ff April off 1988
Today I went to Aberdeen to do some shopping.  I got a Gordon The Gopher. (GTG).  I have a sore toe.

24th April 1988
Today I went to church.  There were only four people at Sunday school.  I made a tie for Gordon.  Kerry and mum went to see a lamb being born.

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