Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tonight I learned to draw using Adobe Illustrator!  Illustrator has always been a total mystery to me but now it is only a 99% mystery and I used it to create this frog.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned grain edit on here before (I have a feeling I have...) but it's a great blog all about design.  The people (I think it is more than one person) who write it find the most amazing stuff and bring it altogether in one handy place.  Today I visited and they had an interview with a designer called Eleanor Grosch who makes lovely Charley Harper-esque animal designs.  She very generously shared the simplest instructions ever for how to draw animals on Illustrator.  After reading through her sloth example once I was able to draw this frog.  It's not a patch on her beauties but it was so satisfying to learn how to do something new.  I think I could fiddle about with Illustrator now that I have found a chink in its armour.  I'm so excited about it and now I can relax my restless mind, safe with my great sense of achievement...!


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