Saturday, December 20, 2008

more swap greatness

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Oh, I'm falling behind on keeping the blog up to date with the ornaments I've been receiving. They've been coming in thick and fast and have all been great. Knowing mail is coming my way has been making me so happy - I get in from work all excited and am rarely disappointed. I got one of these lovely stockings this week. Wow! So much work went into it and I think it will be such a nice souvenir of my first swap. In real life the colours are beautiful - I don't think the camera can quite do it justice. I'll try to find or take pictures of the rest of my haul over the weekend, although I'm on holiday now for over a fortnight so weekends mean nothing to me :) Over a fortnight! That's half a month! That's one twenty-fourth of a year! Hooray!

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