Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My first ever official swap!

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I have received three of the ten Christmas decorations I should be getting from the handmade Christmas decoration swap and they have all been so great! One of my three fabby parcels contained one of these little Mexican wrestling wonders. How good?! I will share pictures of the other decorations soon too. I hope people like mine, which were posted out on Monday. I don't have much confidence in them. I had a great plan (tried and tested) but couldn't get the materials. I had another plan (and got the materials) but it didn't turn out so well. So I improvised and was pleased with the (unphotographable) results but now I'm not so sure and I think I should have gone with the second attempt whose "failed" prototype is looking so much more adorable hanging on my own tree. Anyway, I'm trying to focus on the excitement of receiving and ignore the giving... That's the right attitude, isn't it? I'll just keep telling myself I'll do better next time. I'll do better next time!


  1. hi,
    thanks for posting my little angel luchadors...i'm so glad you like him :)
    happy holidays!!

  2. No, thank you and... thank you again! After visiting your blog last night and reading about the $10 vintage wonderland giveaway, I hopped on over and I've just found out I won $10 to spend in Dandelion Girl's store! Woo hoo! I think you may be my own Christmas angel :)


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