Monday, December 1, 2008

memoir monday (ten)

5th December 1986

On Monday Kimberley came over at 3:00 to play with Laura and so did Ruth.  Kimberley goes to ballet with Laura and Julia.  When we got there Ruth and I went to Square Deal.  There was a lot of lipstick and nail-varnish. (It would take up 14 pages if I wrote down all the colours and anyway I can't remember them all.)  There was a colour of lipstick called black cherry.  I put it on my hand along with another colour of pink.  They were nice colours but the stains didn't come off till Wednesday.  When we got home I went outside to get some sticks or to feed the pussers.  It had been raining and everything was gleaming.  I opened the shed door and as I did I saw that a spider had spun a web across the door.  It only lasted a while as Percy jumped up and broke it.  It was a brilliant web and a brilliant day as well.

The picture above doesn't exactly tie in with the diary entry (hey, who said it has to?) but it is so cold here in Glasgow and it got me thinking about how cold winters used to be in the good old days!  This was the year that my dad kept having to dig us out of the house.  These were steps he carved into the five feet or so of snow, so that we could climb over the top of our buried garden gate.  That's our dog, Kraig, in the foreground.  Percy, by the way, was one of the two cats, or pussers as they are called here for some reason...

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