Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spoiled for choice with gift tags

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I'm never usually very good with gift tags. I'm always wrapping presents at the last minute and end up making very shoddy looking labels from wonkily cut "sqaures" (quadrilaterals would be more accurate) of the wrapping paper. I know! I know! I'll never make it as a pro-crafter with admissions like that! :)

Last year, however, I used some brilliant and free downloadable gift tags from Kitty Genius. I've also used these throughout the year as they are not out and out festive. This year I'm using Sugarloop's free gift tags (pictured above) which are so stylish and simple and perfect, as well as some absolutely adorable gift tags from The Black Apple. I used the Black Apple tags on some presents this morning and they were instantly elevated to super cute parcels you'd be proud to have under your tree. If you're looking for a last minute way to boost your wrapping credentials, simply click the links.

What did I do before the internet...? I ruined everyone's Christmas with wonky quadrilateral labels of shoddiness, that's what!

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