Thursday, December 11, 2008

Much goodness

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I also got one of these lovely birdies as part of the holiday ornament swap. How lovely? I'm going to hang this one on my wall of many wonders all year round, I think. I can't find a photo of my third lovely ornament on flickr so it looks like I'll have to take a photo of that myself. Oh, the inconvenience! Actually, since I am trapped at work in the daylight hours, it is a bit of a pain to photograph anything just now. Thank goodness for this blogging from flickr thingummyjig.

In other good news.... Where to start? Well, I visited the blog of tigerluxe who made the decoration featured yesterday and followed a link to a vintage etsy giveaway and ended up winning a $10 gift certificate. I have already spent it on these. Yippee! Second piece of good news: someone received one of my handmade decorations and liked it. They left me lovely feedback on Swap-Bot. What a relief! Third piece of good news: last night, while stalking myself on Miso Funky, I discovered that people have been buying my Dot and Pat embroideries. I am excited beyond belief about this. I feel like an artist. (Hee hee - I've moved on from dreaming of being a pro-crafter to claiming myself as an artist!) Yay! Yay! And yay again!


  1. OOh I saw those birds on Flickr and really wished I would be getting one in the swap- sadly i'm not going to be.

  2. Yes, I felt pretty lucky to get one of these and it was the first decoration I received, too. You can see why I felt the pressure to produce the goods!


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