Monday, December 29, 2008

time to potter

I know I should be doing at least some of the things from my holiday to do list but I keep getting distracted by pottering.  I do love to potter so today I blanked out any feelings of guilt, made the most of not being at work, and pottered to my heart's content.  After a long wander in the freezing cold (and lots of snuggling up with the cats) I spent a good part of the day messing about on the computer making 'digital collages' of Dot and Pat.  It was fun!  I've also been making a few things using these images and my new craft tool/toy but I will keep that under my hat for... ooh... the next six months or so?  I don't know really, but I'm not ready to spill the beans just yet - it might be the world's worst idea that I just got carried away with so I will at least sleep on it before publicly humiliating myself.

Tomorrow Graham and I are off for a whole day's charity shopping (yippee!) and I haven't even shared any of the goodies from last week's trip, including the best hairclips ever made (in need of a little t.l.c. admittedly) and a fabulous(ly awful) knitting pattern.  I never get round to sharing my charity shop finds on this blog, maybe because I find photographing objects frustratingly tricky.  I'll try to have a dedicated charity shop treasures post in the not too distant future.  Oh!  And a post all about books!  I got some real beauties for Christmas that it would be selfish not to share.  So many plans...

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