Friday, May 8, 2009

actually, I quite like runny eggs

I made this strange looking girl as part of my teacher training, though I added the fried egg once I got home in a flash of 'inspired genius'.  I did art as my optional extra subject and it was brilliant!  Yes, brilliant!  Most of teacher training wasn't as much fun as the art part...  I haven't done nearly as much art with my own class as I had hoped and planned to.  Boo.

We've had the inspectors in school this week and it has been hard work and stressful but it has given me a little burst of renewed enthusiasm for teaching.  It's been strangely rewarding to be so dedicated to my 'real' job (at the expense of crafting unfortunately) and to put so much effort into lessons, and it was fun to see my class being so enthusiastic about what they were doing.  I don't think I could keep this up all day every day but I'm going to try to keep it up to some degree.  I only have seven weeks of my job left so I will try and make then a good seven weeks.  I really don't want to leave :(  I also don't want to have to find another job :(  Boo again.

It feels so funny to be blogging about work.  As a general rule I try not to but this week really has been nothing but work and sleep, and not enough sleep either.  I am truly pooped!  In fact, I have been so busy with work that I have totally neglected to organise anything for my birthday tomorrow.  Fortunately, Graham has managed to get the day off and says he will keep me company thus stopping me looking like a poor old lonely soul!  I'm actually quite glad I'll be having a quiet-ish day.  Just what the doctor ordered :)

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