Saturday, May 2, 2009

cute as a button

I think I mentioned my evil button plan a while ago?  Well, here it is!  I lovingly designed button cards, attached vintage buttons to them and finished them off with a little ribbon at the top.  I know, pure evil...  Please don't tell the man in Oxfam what I have done!

The reason I have been spurred into action is.... that I'm doing my very first craft market tomorrow!  Yippee!  I'm so excited.  It couldn't have come at a much worse time (I have been having the most hectic time ever at work) but I have managed to get some stuff together and will try to make more of everything tonight.  The market is on tomorrow (Sunday) from 12-5 in Nude which is upstairs at the end of Ashton Lane (just by the cinema).  It was my fairy godmother, Claire, who suggested I might like to try having a little stall of my own and I just couldn't resist despite the fact I had nothing to sell and no time to make anything - just a  minor setback!   My friend, Bernie, is going to share the stall with me.  She also has next to nothing to sell but promises she will have something by tomorrow and I'll be glad of the moral support either way.  She came round last night for some Friday night wine and communal crafting so we have made a start.  Sort of...

I made some Dot and Pat notecard sets but they are in very limited supply.  By that I mean that they're exclusive, of course, dahlinks!

I have also managed to make a few (three to be precise) Eastenders embroideries but might try to make more tonight.  I'm still a very slow sewer though so I won't get my hopes up too much for that.
I forced myself to prop my bleary eyes open and make some zip brooches in the evenings this week.  I think I'm going to keep this little one.  There is something a bit extra special about it.  I will start wearing it and become a walking advert for myself.  This new mercenary streak in me is quite exciting - I'll be on Dragon's Den before you know it.

I'll also have some books that I made years ago and, if the chocolate sets, some moustache lollipops and... anything else I've made over the years that I can find lying about.  If you are in Glasgow, please come by and say hi or maybe even buy something.  I promise to cut you a good deal if you do!


  1. The button plan is pure genius and I know lots of people who will fall for it so you'll do fine!! I too am selling buttons but in bigger bags so not as posh and girlie as yours.

    Good luck at the market tomorrow, hope you get some of the luck I had yesterday!


  2. Your stall looked beautiful - I'm glad it all went well. Thanks for your kind wishes, button buddy :)

  3. ooohh! i'm too late to say good luck now aren't i? but good luck! x

  4. Thanks, Emily. Even late well wishes are gratefully received! :)


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