Monday, May 25, 2009

the printer's lair... sounds spooky!

I've spent the morning huddled away with my gocco.  Fun fun fun!  This is a picture of my lair, which built up around me as I printed more and more and more...  The tiny bit of carpet in the middle is where I sat all bunched up, getting very stiff knees.  It wasn't easy to escape to take this picture.

This was my first time re-using a screen which I was a bit worried about but it worked pretty well.  There are a few early prints with a blue tinge to the red but I quite like the way they turned out so it's all good.  When I printed on Saturday I didn't think the screen had worked that well (maybe too many big expanses of burned bits?) but it was printing much better today and I now think it was the ink that was causing the problems.  When I did the hulder print, I found the black ink very oily and a bit hard to manage compared to the green.  The ink I used on Saturday was a very dark blue (despite coming from a turquoise tube - grrr!) so I wonder if the very dark colours are a bit hard going?  Or it could have been something I did!  Ha!  More than likely...

I have signed up to a gocco swap which I'm really excited about.  I can't wait to get goccoed goods in the mail.  Yay!  The theme (which can be taken as flexibly as you wish by the looks of it) is 'one' which put me off to begin with (lack of inspiration on my part) but I have it covered now, I think.  The deadline to sign up for it is today/tomorrow and the prints have to be sent out (to 10-12 people) by June 19th.  If you fancy signing up, all the details are here at clothpaperstring.

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