Sunday, May 3, 2009

we did it!

Well, here is our stall at our very first market.  Out of focus but pretty cute.  That's Bernie in the picture, by the way.  After staying up late and getting up early, we still managed to be running late and had to fling everything on the table (which was smaller than we'd imagined - we ended up having made loads) quick stylee.  The market was incredibly quiet but our wee stall was still pretty successful and it was nice to be able to just hang out for a while anyway.  My biggest sellers by far were the button cards and the chocolate moustache lollipops, both small budget items but they really did go like hot cakes in the few minutes that there were customers!  Here is Poppy modeling one of the post-market leftovers.  A cunning disguise indeed!
I swapped some buttons for the cutest little knitted owl brooch from Carrot Coriander but my camera battery has died so you will have to wait for pictures/trust me when I say it is incredibly cute.  I had been eyeing it up all day so was delighted to swap for it.

Even though we are by no means rich (ha!) and parts of the day did drag a bit, I'm really glad we did the market.  We have even signed up to do another market at the end of the month and have been promised that it will be at least, oh, ten times busier!  I can hardly wait!  I'm going to try to make lots of new stuff and will definitely try to come up with some more pocket money type ideas...  Hmmm...  Thinking thinking thinking...

Graham and I are going to head out for a bite to eat now.  I feel I have earned it!  Happy me!


  1. So glad it went well for you both! Can't believe how small your pitch was!? Good luck next time!

  2. That was one tiny table! Well done for getting out there - have yet to rustle up the courage myself which is daft I know. Hope the next one is loads busier!

  3. I think if we hadn't been running so late we could have nabbed two tables so it was our own fault really. We even had an extra fold away table at home but didn't leave ourselves enough time to run back and get it. Still, the tiny table worked well for us and next time we will have loads more room. Plus we already have left over stock (some of which didn't even make it onto the table) to take forwards to the next market. We will be rocking the craft world (on a decent sized table) come the end of the month! Hee!


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