Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hello sailor (I wish)

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I wanted to buy this nautical gocco print from etsy (for a bargainous $5!) but it turns out it can't be shipped to the UK. Bummer. I'm in a buy buy buy sort of a mood I think so maybe it's just as well fate is standing in my way a bit. 

I just ordered a whole load of candy melts to make some exciting sweet treats for the next craft market. I could class it as a necessary purchase since I haven't yet made anything else to sell and the market is just over a week away. And I planned to be so organised this time around... I have got some Saturday night crafting planned though. Yay!

Apologies for the numerous flickr-y posts lately. There's only so much I could really tell you about all the accidental naps I've taken and the rubbish telly I've been watching! I've got a long weekend coming up which I hope will recharge my batteries a bit and then I'll be back on top of the blogging world :)

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