Friday, May 15, 2009

those were the days

It's been another hectic week but I thought I'd pop in with this photo of Poppy and Lola as kittens - taken on the very first day they arrived to live with us - since they turned three this week.  So cute and fluffy then and so grown up now.  Happy birthday to them!   I'll try to post about something un-cat-related over the weekend...


  1. They've been snuggled up together all day today - still cute but much bigger and not nearly as fluffy... I was about to moan about the fact I'm off to do a cat sick clean up tour of the flat but we heard more really sad cat news this weekend (I type this with red rimmed eyes) so I'm just glad my two are okay. Puke and hairy/clawed sofas seem like a small price to pay really.


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