Saturday, May 30, 2009

postal delights!

My letterbox is my new best friend.  Not only did it bring me my tickets for Jarvis Cocker and various crafty bits I'd been keeping my fingers crossed for, it also delivered a brilliant surprise package from Emily.  I had seen a picture of this coaster on Emily's flickr and instantly commented how lovely it was, little knowing that it was already in the post and on its way to live with me!  This is going to be my personal craft room coaster... once I've cleared enough space on my desk for it - ha!
Emily also sent this little handmade whale, designed to hold the earphones for my ipod and stop them getting tangled.  He is practical as well as adorable!  His mouth is pink on the inside.  At the moment I'm having to keep him well away from Lola who wants to adopt him as her latest baby.  Every time I turn my back, he ends up being carried away in her mouth.  He was very tricky to photograph (especially since the cats are sunbathing in the only part of my flat light enough to take photos) but you can see a better photo of him here.
Just before I got in to discover the parcel, I had been telling Graham how I wanted to make a little display of old buttons on cards.  I've found a few nice sets lately plus I got those lovely ones from my sister for my birthday.  So it was a fabulous surprise to find four vintage button cards tucked away in the parcel too.  Yippee!  I love the design of the cards.

The parcel wasn't finished there either.  I got lots of cute kawaii-esque stickers and papers, a badge, a very entertaining old postcard sent in 1961 and some yarn beautiful enough to make me consider coming out of my knitting retirement already...  I knew it wouldn't last, especially since I have a book of super cute hat patterns to tempt me.  My photos of these things didn't turn out so well, unfortunately, so you will just have to use your imagination.  You can do it!

I love getting mail and this was the best parcel I've had in ages.  I will have to make a parcel to send back now, of course, as this parcel was in return for the hulder print I sent to Emily but that was in return for gocco instructions she sent to me...  We're caught in a vicious circle of thanking for thank yous now but such a stash of wondrous loot really must be responded to!

In other news, I have had a slightly less productive than I would have liked morning but I did manage to package my edible buttons.
Ta da!

Again, not the greatest picture.  I really seem to have lost my camera mojo lately.  I might make another batch of buttons later.  I would totally buy these if I saw them at a craft market so I'm hoping other people will feel the same.  I do have A LOT to do though, so I may not get round to it.  Oh well, back to the happy grindstone :)


  1. Can you imagine 100 years from now - 'Mum, why are we sending this parcel to Liverpool?', 'Because years ago your nan made this print...' ;-) Glad you liked everything, I'll be blogging about the Hulder this week too x

  2. That's it! I've got to start trying for an heir to carry on this legacy immediately!


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