Friday, May 29, 2009

friday night chez laura

Originally uploaded by Amanda *Bake It Pretty*

Now, I totally meant to photograph what I was actually doing but I got so carried away doing it that I didn't realise it had got dark and I have had to resort to flickr photo theft yet again. Sigh... I have so much to blog about (oh, the charity shops and the post fairies have been so good to me this week, not to mention all the crafty business I've been up to) that this mini post couldn't possibly wait until tomorrow... 

Tonight I have been making these beautiful edible buttons. How cute? I got the mould from Bake It Pretty (who this photo belongs to) months ago but my colourful candy melts only arrived this week.* 

Oh my, my buttons are looking so good! I got off to a bit of a shaky start but once I realised I was putting too much of the melted candy in, it all got much easier and the buttons got much cuter. Now they are turning out perfectly. Yay! I have made them in five different colours (including the two shown here) and intend to package them up for the craft fair on Sunday. I've even designed a cute vintage looking label for that extra va va voom. I'll try to take a photo of them all packaged up over the weekend. 

*Because I only ordered them (from a UK based supplier, and not even Bake It Pretty) last week. I realise now that made it sound like they just took months to get here. Sorry...

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