Monday, November 8, 2010

we're gonna make you a sta-a-a-ar!

One of my products is featured in the Christmas gift guide in the current edition of The List. I feel the epitome of cool now... or at least I did until I posed for these cheesy photos and failed to resist the urge to put myself inside a star!
Here it is - a Dot lavender bag. Yay! It's a shame they didn't pick a product I still make, but hopefully this means I'll sell out of the very limited stash I had squirrelled away for the now cancelled market. Apparently orders have been flooding (OK, trickling) in at Miso Funky since The List came out. I've just relisted them in my etsy shop too. Act fast to avoid disappointment - once they're gone, they're gone, guv'nor! ;)


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