Thursday, December 19, 2013

best dungarees ever

I spotted these dungarees in a French charity shop when we were visiting my sister, but Graham pulled the veto card and I reluctantly left them behind.  And pouted a lot.  Unbeknownst to Graham, my sister overruled the decision and secretly bought them for Dulcie's birthday.  Mwahaha and hooray!
They honestly look like they were made to measure.  Dulcie chooses them to wear whenever she gets the chance (you can see in the top picture that she even colours her face in to match...) and gets compliments and gasps of astounded admiration (no, really!) everywhere she goes in them.  Even Graham has fallen for them big time now that he's seen them on her, totally converted from his original viewpoint.

Wow, you just can't fault these dungarees.  Don't grow too fast, please, Dulcie!


  1. Oh they are FABULOUS!!! Tara had a bright yellow 70's pair when she was about 1 and I cried when she could no longer fit in them!

    1. I had to put away Dulcie's lovely denim doggie dungarees last week. I think I would have cried if I hadn't had these to put in their place in the drawer. Cool children's clothes are just a cruel irony really. No wonder people keep having more and more children! (Yes, I'm sure that is the reason behind it)


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