Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas eve... live update!

 I finished the stocking!  I've even finished it in time for Dulcie to hang it up once she comes out of the bath.  It's wonky and humongous (we'd better hope Dulcie is a very good girl every year!) but it is handmade and personalised and done!  I'm suffering from serious crochet overload and am looking forward to taking a week off from my hook before making a start on some more new baby gifts.  I'll show the other things I've been crocheting once Christmas Day is over.
 Dulcie is very pleased with her stocking, as you can see from this ravaging cuddle she was giving it.  She's been wandering around with it draped over her, wearing nothing but a nappy underneath.  Hopefully Santa will fill it with gifts tonight so she'll be able to appreciate it even more in the morning :)
And in other Christmas Eve news... Dulcie has been peeling sprouts, making trifle and decorating the Christmas cake.

Have a lovely day tomorrow, whatever you're doing.

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