Tuesday, December 31, 2013

culture vultures

Dulcie loves nothing better than a walk these days.  She's constantly trying to get her jacket and wellies on, saying, "No like it cool pram," which is her way of saying she wants to travel by foot.  I've given up trying to avoid the wet weather (it is pretty much a constant these days) and, besides, Dulcie really cheers people up in the rain.  She even had random people filming her great joy in the manky Glasgow puddles the other day.  No doubt she's appeared on the internet somewhere!  The crocheted monkey hat in the picture was not made by me (shocker!) but was found in a bush by my mum and dad.  They left it there for a week, but when nobody came to claim it, they took it home, washed it and passed it onto Dulcie.  She's suddenly become quite the little hat wearer as she also got a hat she's loving in amongst her Christmas pressies.
Magnus the mouse, now that he has a jumper, comes out with us now and again.  Dulcie would take him everywhere given half a chance, but it is quite stressful to be out with him as I know she'd be heartbroken if he got lost.  Here he is getting up to no good with a monkey in the Botanic Gardens.  We actually met a real boy called Magnus that day, all thanks to Magnus the mouse, social animal that he is.
Today Dulcie and I walked to the local library, hung out and read some books (and almost got in a fight with a baby when he tried to steal Dulcie's new umbrella) before going to a nearby cafe for a hot chocolate.  Dulcie LOVES hot chocolate.
Isn't this cardigan awesome?  My mum knitted it for Dulcie recently using a 1970s pattern.  She even used the leftover wool to make a wee matching Fair Isle mouse to put in the pocket.  Aw!

It's really nice to be able to wander to nice places with Dulcie and I'm glad we live in an area where we have such a lot to see right on our doorsteps.  The only major downside is that her legs quite often can't carry her all the way home again and she wants to be carried.  I do carry her for short bursts, all the while worrying I'll keel over and get an electric shock in the middle of the street.

Well, I haven't even mentioned the fact that 2013 is nearly over and 2014 is about to begin.  I'm valiantly trying to avoid a repeat of last year's negative New Year blogging, but I guess this is a hard time of year for anyone whose life is not all peachy.  So I'll just say I'm looking forward to a night of fizzy wine and far too many snacks (Dulcie allowing) and look no further ahead than that for now.  Hope you're having fun, whatever you're up to.

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