Friday, December 20, 2013


Dulcie and I spent this morning making some sweet handmade treats to give to people as Christmas presents, getting close to satisfying my desire for communal crafting, though I think my "assistant" was probably only lured into participating because of the chocolate that was involved.  Here she is at her most useful - licking the bowl once we were finished.
We made these chocolate spoons, filled with chocolate, marshmallows and white chocolate stars.  You use them to stir your hot chocolate (or hot milk) and the chocolate melts and makes your drink even more chocolatey and delicious.  They looked very nice once we'd packaged them up in cellophane bags.  Dulcie found it quite hard to help with these, to be honest.  Spoons full of melted chocolate/bowls full of marshmallows plus the instruction not to eat just did not compute in Dulcie's mind!
She was a lot more helpful when it came to the "chocolate turtles".  Here she is helping to place the Rolos on top of the pretzels and doing a very good job of it too.
Aw, very proud of herself!  These turtles were stupidly easy to make and, having tasted them, I can confirm they are actually DELICIOUS.  I think we'll definitely be making these again.  My only advice is to follow the instructions to the letter.  I thought the Rolos didn't look very melty after the two minutes specified, but they were actually just soft enough to squish under the pressure of the pecan, while leaving them in for a minute or two longer made the caramel run everywhere.

I'm on the lookout for more activities Dulcie and I can do together, ideally crafty things.  Dulcie's attention span is slowly increasing and she's starting to take real pleasure in having made things, like the sparkly angel on top of our Christmas tree.  Do let me know in the comments if you have any great ideas for simple crafty activities to attempt with a toddler.

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