Monday, December 30, 2013

some secret crochet revealed

Here's some more of the crochet I was working on in the run-up tp Christmas.  I made this fox for Dulcie (my mum knitted his scarf) using a pattern from this book, although I got my pattern free with Making magazine.  Actually, this pattern was the only reason I bought the magazine.  I'm so pleased I actually got round to making him.  He turned out to be so lovely and... can see he was a hit with his recipient.  So far he's quite uniaginatively being called Foxy and has been cuddled a lot.
Another piece of pre-Christmas crochet was a commission from the big man himself!  Dulcie's favourite and most constant companion, Magnus the mouse, had asked Santa for a jumper.  Santa's crocheting elves were very busy so the job was outsourced to little old me.  I didn't have a pattern for this, just made it up as I went along, but Dulcie was beyond delighted to see that Magnus's Christmas wish had come true.  It was really good fun to design and make this little garment.  I think I might make more clothes for toys in the future.  Nothing like an utterly pointless hobby to fill those precious spare minutes and seconds, huh?

Our Christmas was lovely and Dulcie had a grand old time.  I'm hoping to be back to share some pictures tomorrow before December is over.  I also have even more Christmas crochet yet to share!  I'm crocheting so much these days that my blog can't keep up with it!

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