Wednesday, December 11, 2013

yee ha!

I can't show you all the crochet I've been doing lately, but I can share these - the world's tiniest crocheted cowboy boots* that I made on Saturday night (yes, Saturday night, people) for a new baby boy called, most appropriately, Bill.  

I was a bit short of brown wool, so made these a few rows shorter than they were meant to be, but I think I actually prefer them this way and it was just as well I did make them shorter as I ended up with a measly 20cm of wool to spare - phew!

These boots are kind of fiddly in parts, but basically fairly easy to make and achievable in an evening... says she who is still suffering from the 1am finish!  If you want to make a pair yourself and can't find a pattern online, just let me know and I will gladly email the pattern I used to you.

* Please don't contact the Guinness Book Of Records - this is not official!

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