Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the sad story of my "festive" jumper

This autumn/winter I really wanted to find a cosy jumper that I could wear with jeans, one that would be not at all dressy but that would look nice, one that would be cosy without being itchy, one that I could wear day in and day out.  I did see a really cute jumper with rabbits on it in Tesco of all places (it had pom pom tails and everything!) but when I tried it on, it had weird '80s-esque dropped shoulders - not a good look on my unfemininely broad frame.  So I didn't find a winter jumper in the shops, but I did find this hideous cardigan in the back of my wardrobe.  I have never worn this outside the house (actually, I've never even worn it inside the house!) but today I decided to take a gruesome self portrait by the Christmas tree, so I could share its tale with you.

This jumper was knitted around 15 (?) years ago when my Auntie Kim was visiting from Australia and it was a family effort.  I'd expressed a desire for a ballet cardigan and had chosen (misguidedly) this wool to make it with when Kim came to visit and it got her reminiscing about all the unfinished knitting projects she and my granny had left abandoned in bags from Kim's previous visits to the UK.  Kim was determined this cardigan would not go the same way, so she and my mum knitted like women possessed while I contributed the straps that tie round the waist - a real family effort.  As soon as the cardigan was finished, I knew I wouldn't be wearing it.  I think my mum and auntie knew that too.  It was just too short on the body and, because Kim had gone all fancy and cast on using her thumb for neatness, we were unable to adjust it.  It was also, possibly, just too garish.  Oh, what were we thinking?  But, being a family project, I have never been able to bring myself to part with it.  I've only had it on for ten minutes as I type this and it's starting to feel a little bit scratchy.  I'd like to take it off.  Now that I have kept it for over a decade and photographed myself wearing it by a Christmas tree, do you think I could give it to the charity shop?


  1. Tara has a cardigan made with wool just like that!!

    1. I'll send you this one and then you can be matching!


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