Tuesday, December 31, 2013

christmas day 2013

 Santa sneakily rearranged the whole room while we slept so that he could fit in this circus tent, which contained Dulcie's presents.  I don't think Dulcie could believe her eyes and raced around faster than the human eye could register, checking everything out.  Rudolph had even eaten the carrot she left out!  Wowsers!
 Here she is, happily investigating presents in the tent...
 ...and charging in and out with a chocolate Santa in her hand, tinsel round her neck and a swanky new hair clip on her head.
 Santa was not perturbed by the size of Dulcie's new stocking and filled it to the brim with all sorts of goodies - pyjamas, hankies, socks, hair clips, chocolate, bubble mix...
 Each item was carefully explored and considered before moving onto the next.
 Chocolate was all Dulcie claimed she wanted for Christmas, so she was happy to find that.
 And the obligatory tooter, of course.
 Perhaps Dulcie's favourite gift of all was this umbrella.
 She has wanted one for ages.
 I was immediately instructed to put on my jacket and boots so that we could take it out for a test-drive.
 All the way round the block, Dulcie exclaimed, "Mummy got her jammies on!" in a very loud voice.
 We broke off from opening presents to have Christmas lunch.  Dulcie enjoyed parts of it but was less keen to stay sitting at the table than she was last year.  We had to distract her with crayons and Peppa Pig on my mobile phone.  Don't tell Supernanny!
 After lunch there were yet more presents to open.  Because Dulcie played with each one thoroughly before moving on, the day became something of a marathon of unwrapping.  We were still going right up to bedtime.  "Come on, Dulcie!  Just one more parcel to go!  You can do it!" etc...
 Eventually the rest of us got to open our presents.  I got some lovely things that I might try to blog about soon.  You can see one of them in this picture, provided you can look past the general scene of chaos and carnage.
 And on Boxing Day there was yet more food and more presents when Dulcie's Granma and Grampa came to visit, in fine festive form, as you can see!

It was another easy Christmas for me since, as last year, my parents came and basically did everything for us.  Dulcie helped to peel some sprouts and make the trifle.  I sat on my arse and crocheted a stocking while stuffing my face.  One of these years I'll make Christmas dinner for more than two people... maybe.

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