Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the 101 of glamour (not really)

I made the mistake of looking at vintage craft books on etsy the other day. Now that was an untapped vein of greatness and consumer cravings if ever I saw one! I really want this book, among others, but if there is one thing I probably don't need, it's more vintage craft books. Well, I do have room for more on my shelves and in my heart, but I don't think I should allow myself to get into buying vintage craft books online, especially not from America. Hmm. You'll notice I can't bring myself to post a link to this book just in case someone else buys it, though! If I bought this (bargain though it is) I think it would be opening the floodgates and goodness only knows where it would end. I will resist... for now.

I told myself I was going to begin sorting out the craft room today, but our new neighbours are getting lots of work done to their flat this week and the builders keep setting off their burglar alarm. It is L-O-U-D loud! In the craft room it is really unbearably loud. I think I know this is a poor excuse. After all the baby scares and stresses of last week, it was a conscious decision to cancel any hard-working/practical plans and just use my time off to put my feet up. But now I can't quite believe I have to go back to work the day after tomorrow and then won't have any proper time off until (gulp!) maternity leave. What have I achieved in my week off? Other than crocheting the world's greatest cardigan, of course.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed today, having been pushed over the edge by Boots (how dare they?!) sending me a parenting magazine. It was full of useful tips about what I should be doing to get organised in these final three months pre-baby, but I couldn't even look at it without having a flaky. I feel so far away from being able to tackle anything practical. I just don't know where to even begin. Sigh... Plus I was back at the doctor about my wonky ticker this morning and was hoping that would be the end of it, but my blood tests didn't provide any answers and then the doctor noticed yet another anomaly with my heartbeat that he hadn't picked up before so I am having to go and see a cardiologist. I'm not really worried about it (the doctor was very reassuring and thinks I am probably wonky within the realms of normality) but it just seems like one more thing that has to be sorted out/thought about.

I feel like I need to achieve something practical today for my peace of mind, but all I really want to do is have a nap on the sofa in front of some crappy afternoon telly. Hmmm. Do I use the last of my valuable time off to continue to relax and recharge, or do I force myself to do something, knowing that when I go back to work on Thursday I will have even less energy? Bah. It'll all be OK in the end, I'm sure, and at least the baby won't be short of cardigans!


  1. The cardigan is indeed and achievement adn you should be proud with what you did in your week off!!

    And you can read all you want (or not) and it will not prepare you for when your baby arrives. I have only this advice; a clean bum and a regular breast makes for a happy baby which in turn will lead to a happy Mummy. You will be brilliant and your bundle will be the best dressed in Glasgow (if not the universe). Stop worrying!!!!!! I have confidence in you :)


  2. Aw, thanks so much :) I've been busy listing all the little things I have achieved today/this week, eating chocolate, crocheting and watching old episodes of the Inbetweeners so am feeling a bit more positive than I was this afternoon. I think if I do a tiny bit of tidying with the last day of my holidays tomorrow I should be able to convince myself that I'm on top of everything really.


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