Monday, October 24, 2011

sunday at the cinema

Yesterday afternoon we went to see We Need To Talk About Kevin. I was really in two minds about whether or not to go. I thought this could be the most ill-advised film for a pregnant person to watch (I was also worried about it putting the parenting fear into Graham) but, because it was directed by Lynne Ramsay and had such great reviews, I couldn't resist in the end. I'm glad that I did go and see it. It was a really engrossing film and gave me lots to think about without actually giving me any fears that I didn't already have. I'd be really interested (if time travel was possible and I could take a copy of this film back with me) to see what my reaction would have been before I got pregnant. I seemed to be a lot more angry with the father's character than Graham was and it reminded me of the time we watched Control (the biopic about Ian Curtis) in the early stages of pregnancy. That film left me quite furious and vowing to turn off the radio whenever a Joy Division song came on, a reaction I'm sure was down to hormones and anxiety. I've calmed down now though!


  1. We went to see this on Saturday. I thought it was filmed beautifully. Great focus on the colour red, so much so, when we left the cinema I found my eyes drawn to anyone wearing red! And as a guinea pig owner I felt it should possibly have come with a 'scenes of guinea pig peril' warning!

  2. Definitely! Poor guinea pig :( And didn't it look cute in its little hat before its demise?


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