Thursday, October 6, 2011

crochet calamity

Disaster has struck and I ran out of wool with a sleeve and a bit to go. Noooo! I'm going to head into town later today and see if I can find another ball the same. I'm hopeful I should be able to since I only bought this wool when I was making the ripple blanket, so it was not too long ago. If not, this cardigan will have to have mismatched sleeves or just one three-quarter length sleeve for that asymmetrical eighties look. I will keep you posted.

If I hadn't run out of wool, I definitely would have managed to finish this cardigan last night. I am so pleased with all the new stitches I learned, especially front post treble and back post treble which are used to make the ribbed border at the bottom. I am feeling like quite the crochet pro :) That said, I am going to have to unravel that first sleeve as I have gone wrong somewhere and ended up with not as many stitches as I should have. It shouldn't take long to remake it though. You can be sure that I would be making do with a skinny sleeve (or throwing the whole project in a drawer) if this had been knitted!

In other great crochet news, I found some mustard wool at last! Hooray! It's a bit of a gamble buying this online, but I'm quite hopeful about the colour since I saw a ball of Patons 4-ply cotton in "gold" (the same name as this wool) in a shop and it was the perfect colour. I have ordered gold, teal and brown and am looking forward to making another one of these crocheted cardigans with a pair of matching cowboy boots. Yee ha!

I should really do some non-crochet crafting today. I've got some bunting and brooch kits to make for Made In The Shade and they are long overdue. My craft room is a serious tip though, which is putting me off getting started. I should go and clear myself a little space now. If I was organised, I could drop off goodies with Made In The Shade on my way into town to look for green wool.


  1. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I wonder if that website had it all along...?

  2. You could've invented a 'new look' :-)

  3. I'm sure the fashion world will be very disappointed to learn that I did manage to find another ball of wool in the same colour! :)


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