Tuesday, October 11, 2011

fancy being a subtitler?

colour television by dropstitch
colour television, a photo by dropstitch on Flickr.

Two posts in one day? Controversial! But I keep meaning to mention (and keep forgetting) that my work are hiring at the moment, looking for subtitlers for the Glasgow office. The deadline for application is the 14th and you can find all the details here. I really like my job - lots of nice colleagues, just the right balance of challenging/not challenging, plus you get to pat yourself on the back for providing a valuable service without it taking over your non-working life. Oh yeah, and you get paid to watch telly! Best not mention that last point in your application though ;)


  1. I always thought that sounded like an interesting job! I'm still in old Scumdee for the moment- but if Glasgow beckons any time soon your subtitling bosses might hear from me!

  2. They seem to be recruiting quite often these days (they probably realise they need at least 100 people to cover little old me on my year's maternity leave, you know - ha!) so you should definitely keep an eye on the website if you are thinking of a move to Glasgow at any point. It's a very creative office (artists, bakers, musicians, writers...) so I'm sure you'd fit right in :)


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