Saturday, October 1, 2011

when good cats turn bad

This cat used to be white. Since disappearing up the chimney last night, she has been decidedly grey. I'm not sure she'll ever be clean again.
Ever since Lola has been on a diet (about six months now) she has changed from a fat but happy, sweet-natured cat to a slim-line pain in the arse. She miaows almost constantly and scratches my face and arms from about five in the morning, hoping I'll cave in and give her her breakfast early. Over the last week, she has taken to climbing up onto the kitchen sink and breaking into the cupboard where her food is kept. She hasn't managed to get into the food yet, but she has knocked a pile of saucers into the sink at 3am, waking us all up with a serious start. Today she has started miaowing for dinner a full seven hours ahead of her dinner time. Aaargh! She also peed on my dad's shirt last weekend, but that really wasn't her fault and she was very embarrassed. My mum had accidentally locked Lola in their room while we all went out for dinner and so she couldn't get to her litter tray. Poor Lola. (Click the link to hear the song that partly inspired Lola's name - no wonder she turned out to be trouble!)

All that said, Lola does make us laugh on a daily basis... by disappearing up the chimney, miaowing constantly (you can actually have conversations with here and she told us this week that she was a Tina Turner fan - who knew?!), peeing on my dad's shirt and raiding the cupboards. We wouldn't be without her. Mrkgnaow!


  1. Oh dear :( Have you seen the no no no cat on You Tube? I'll post the link here - it's very, very funny!

  2. ohh dear,silly cat. this post made me smile an awful lot!

  3. She's been a good girl (cuddling and cleaning her sister and keeping me company) all day since I wrote this. And the no no no cat makes me realise things could be a lot worse! I'll have to try and film Lola's pre-vomit cries one day - I swear she shouts my name over and over right before she pukes.


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