Thursday, October 13, 2011

the end of my tether (an appropriately titled book?)

If I achieved one great thing in my week off (apart from making the world's greatest cardigan that I can't go a single post without mentioning) then it was to finish this book at long bleedin' last. It was a struggle. My concentration skills are not the best at the moment and maybe I would have romped through this book and enjoyed it at any other time, but then again maybe I wouldn't. Have you read it? Was it any good? I honestly don't know! I did like all the mythical folklorish stuff in it. It told me that cats born in May are guaranteed to be trouble. When were my cats born? Mm-hm! It also told me that you should spit whenever you see a white horse, something my granda always claimed, spitting in his hand whenever we passed a white horse in the car, though nobody ever knew where he got the idea from.

When I did the last Day In The Life post on September 2nd, I mentioned being relieved that one of the cats distracted me from a book I had just started because I couldn't work out who any of the characters were. Well, that was this book and 600-and-odd pages later, I still couldn't work out who was who, who was dead, who was alive or what was going on. I was tempted to stop reading this book so many times, but I find that very difficult to do so I kept going. I was still tempted to just stop reading it about 15 pages from the end, surely a bad sign! As I said, I persevered and finished it, though I'm not sure there was that much point. I haven't got a clue what I just read.

Now I am reading a book called The Adventures Of A Bed Salesman, which is not as naughty as it sounds (it's actually more about life in 1960s East Germany than it is about sex, I think) and so far I am enjoying its large type. Ah, the simple pleasures...

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