Sunday, October 16, 2011

my "working" sunday

This is my Friday night, the end of my working week. I'm pooped, but actually had a pretty nice day considering it was a Sunday and I was at work for ten hours. I kept striking it lucky with my subtitling tasks today and landed loads of versioned repeats. If you're lucky, this can sometimes mean pretty much just watching a programme with subtitles and today I was very lucky indeed.
My morning started with Jonathan Creek...

...followed by Blackadder II...

...followed by The Illusionist. This was not the film I had expected when I saw the title sitting in the list of subtitling jobs to be done, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless. I bet you are wishing you applied for that job vacancy I told you about now, right? Yes, someone actually pays me to do this! Still glad to have the day off tomorrow though!

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