Sunday, October 23, 2011

have you seen this yet?

Have you seen this exciting new item from Asking For Trouble? It's a five year diary. Designed for people who are not very good at keeping a diary usually, it has just a small box to record a few notes for each day. You start it on January 1st 2012, fill it in all year and then go back to the next box on page one on January 1st 2013... and so on. Come the end of 2016, you can look at any page and see what you did on that specific date over the last five years. It also has some other exciting features like a personal profile you can fill in once a year to see how your tastes and fancies have changed too. I think this is such a fun idea and I might have to treat myself to one for Christmas. I have quite a lot of half used diaries lying about (I found a few when looking for that issue of Melody Maker the other week) but I think even I could jot down a couple of notes each day and hopefully not just write, "Went to work, had dinner, watched telly, went to bed," five days a week either!

Have you seen any fun items popping up on the internet lately? All Christmas present ideas would be gratefully received!


  1. That would be brilliant for recording baby's progress and your progress as a mother. Cool. Might need one myslef! x

  2. I was also thinking it would be really fun to get one for Graham's niece who just started secondary school this year because her life will change so much over the coming five years. Can you imagine?! But choosing presents for children of that age is never as straightforward as you would hope and the safe haven of money in an envelope is always tempting...

  3. glad you like it :)
    I cannot deny some of the entries in my prototype are incredibly dull, but hopefully that will make the exciting ones stand out more...

  4. One of the reasons I gave up writing a diary was because all I did was moan and do the same thing every day. I was working full time making sandwiches at the time and every day my diary would read something along the lines of, "Went to work, it was rubbish, came home, watched TV, felt exhausted, went to bed," sometimes with a hangover thrown in. I find myself much more likely to focus on the positives when I blog because I know other people can read it. I really like the fact there is not too much space for each day in your five-year diary though - I think I could stay mainly positive for just a couple of notes each day!


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