Friday, October 7, 2011

poetry in motion

Ta-da! I managed to get another ball of green wool and finished off the cardigan this morning. I love it so much and can't wait to make more. I'm going to start on one for my sister's impending baby later today. A few months ago my sister decided to give up knitting and crochet because they were stressing her out (I think she had a big backlog of projects she wasn't finding the time to get through) so she donated a big bag full of various wool to me. I'm going to use some of her nice wool to make the cardigan for her baby and this time I am using a colour I have LOADS of for the main body. Yeah, I learn from my stupid mistakes.

Talking of my sister... I couldn't sleep last night and at 4.30am I had a poem that my sister wrote years ago running through my head. It suddenly dawned on me that I should have shared some of my sister's poetry here yesterday since it was apparently National Poetry Day, but I will share it today instead since it has popped into my head now for some reason. Kerry wrote this poem about her cat Bruno when she was just a kitten. Bruno was a lovely cat who died just a few months ago. (Incidentally Bruno was a girl, but by the time that was discovered, the name had stuck and she always really suited it. In the past our family has also had female cats called Ian Black and Elvis.) Here is the poem about Bruno.

Small cat, furry cat
Black cat, purry cat
Eyes green, tail kinky
Drinks her water from the sinky.

Kerry also writes really good haiku (haikus?) about her family. She hasn't posted any online in a long while, but she does have a haiku blog if you want to read more. I will share a couple of my favourites here.

While I blog, silence.
Later, when I kiss my son
he smells of cat food...

Angus eats pasteque.
(That's French for watermelon,
with less syllables).

I think they're really good. When I first started this blog, I used to post old entries from my sister's school diary on Mondays. They are a fun look into country life in the mid-eighties! If you want to read some (and be entertained by photos of my sister and I as children) you can find them all clustered together here.

Oh! The postman just arrived bearing my mustard wool! The colour is great (yippee!) but now I have a dilemma. Should I put the mustard wool to one side and make the cardigan for my sister's baby first, or should I be selfish and make the mustard cardigan for our baby now, now, now? I will decide later. In the meantime, I had better go and have some lunch before my friend Kristy gets here to take me on a trip to Mothercare (oh, the things that excite me these days...) followed by a trip to eat cake. I am rather impressed that I have blogged for seven days in a row now. Are you?


  1. It's even more beautiful than I had imagined with two sleeves!! x

    PS: Word Verification; pRiti

  2. Thanks :) Yes, I am glad I didn't have to go for the asymmetrical look in the end! Even the word verification approves of this cardigan, huh? Hee!

  3. Thanks :) For some reason my second attempt is not working though. I've had to unravel the first three rows about six times so far because I keep ending up a stitch short. I think I will give up for tonight and start afresh tomorrow. Hope I haven't lost my crochet mojo!


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