Sunday, October 2, 2011

insert imaginary baby here

Behold, our baby's first outfit! I find placing the hat just above the sleepsuit like this helps me imagine the real baby that will inhabit this space in just over three months. Yep, you heard me, three months. I had seen these sleepsuits in the shops a couple of months ago, but made myself resist them for some reason, probably fear. I went back to look for them last weekend and was so upset to find they were sold out. Fortunately they still had some online so I ordered them on my lunch break one day and they arrived yesterday. This was part of a three-pack with, amazingly, no duff sleepsuit hiding amongst it. The others are a red and white stripy number (perfect for this stripy household) and a white one with an elephant that says, "Please don't forget me," which just cracks me up every time I see it, though I am prepared to admit this may be hormone-related.

My mum gave me a doom-and-gloom baby chat last weekend and I momentarily lost my baby excitement, which made me feel very sad. I've been working hard to get it back though, helped by the arrival of these sleepsuits and the even more exciting arrival of our friends' new baby girl, Sunniva. We visited her on Sunday (when she was just a few days old) and she was so adorable that we both got very excited about meeting our own. I also got to hand over the ripple blanket at last - woo hoo!

In other pregnancy news...

Two total strangers have asked me when I was due, so I think my bump must be bigger than I am imagining. This is a good thing.

The giant pillow is working a treat - my hips are not nearly so sore and I am sleeping for most of the night.

I am still exhausted post-work, which was why it was such a struggle to make cakes for the Macmillan coffee morning on Wednesday night... and why it was so annoying that I arrived at work on Thursday with said cakes still sitting on my kitchen table at home! Durr! Don't worry - I did my bit by buying and eating cakes made by others and Graham's workmates apparently enjoyed the cakes I'd made.

My feet are apparently swollen. I had to get new shoes a whole size bigger than usual. After I had tried them on, I couldn't get my old boots back on my gargantuan feet. Eventually I pulled them so hard that the sole fell off one and I had to flap home like a comic-book tramp. Talking of which, I need to go and superglue them back together if I don't want to go out bare-footed later on.

p.s. I am secretly and unofficially signing up for Blogtoberfest so am aiming to blog every day for the whole of October. I'm not promising to have something interesting to say every day, but I will do my best to pop in and say at least something daily. Of course, if I really believed I would stick to this, I would sign up officially, but it surely can't do any harm to try. 2 days down, 29 to go...


  1. babies get the cutest things dont they? they should make grown up pjs to match!

  2. Babies are not doom and gloom!! It is hard work and knackering but oh so wonderful (even on the days/nights when it's not). Glad the mahosive pillow is helping you get some quality rest. Can't wait to see your baby in that yummy suit! x

  3. I would absolutely wear a giant version of this outfit! If I can't wait till January, I may have to force this on one of the cats. It's just too cute.

    I am managing to get back my belief that babies are not all doom and gloom, though you wouldn't know it from my outward appearance today. I'm just so fed up of being worried all the time and how the heck does this baby know when I'm paranoid and stop moving around for what seems like hours in response?! Pesky baby... But then when it does finally move again it is all the more exciting. I guess this is all good preparation for the highs and lows of parenthood. Sheesh!


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