Saturday, October 19, 2013

baby, it's cold outside

When it's not raining, I am loving this colder weather.  Brrr!  Wrapping Dulcie up is a good feeling too, not that she's willing to keep her hat on for long.  I'm hoping, like last winter, that it will just be a case of her getting used to it because she does actually seem to like the hat, judging by the fact she wants to put it on whenever she sees it and loves to look at herself in the mirror when she's wearing it.  This hat was purchased this summer from a hand-knits (and other bits) stall in aid of Guide Dogs For The Blind and I love it, it's very funky, I think.
Thumbs up for mittens!

I didn't realise Dulcie's pushchair hood was reflective until I took these shots, or is that just her angelic halo?  Ha!  Not likely...

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