Tuesday, October 15, 2013

stickers on everything

Stickers are a fairly recent discovery for Dulcie but she LOVES them.  We have lots of stickery art around the place, always drawing a "Wow!" from Dulcie when she sees them.  This is her latest creation, made from the lid of an old chocolate box.  I made the stickered "Dulcie" in the bottom right corner, but the rest of it was all her own work.  I'm sure, looking at this, that that's not hard for you to believe, bless her!

I'm loving that Dulcie is starting to show an interest in things creative.  She loves crayons, chalk, play dough, stickers etc. at home and I don't think there's been a day yet that she hasn't come home from nursery covered in paint.  I hope I'll be able to nurture this interest as her capabilities improve.  How good would it be if we could sew or crochet together?!  Exciting times ahead...

Know any great crafts I could start to introduce to a teeny-tiny, not-yet-two toddler?

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