Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween is coming

I'm busy drawing flies on transfer paper for Dulcie's Halloween costume.  She has a couple of parties to go to and is going to be dressed (in a mixture of handmade/charity-shop-bought items) as a spider, these flies being the extent of the "handmade" element.  I hope they won't disgust/frighten any of the children or staff at her nursery.  Perhaps realistic flies are not appropriate Halloween attire for a one-and-a-bit-year-old to be wearing?  (I am still not confident when it comes to this PUBLIC mothering malarkey.)  Still, better slightly creepy over-sized flies than slightly tarty witch outfits (right?) which I was shocked to see do come in toddler sizes.  Yuck.  Halloween is not about looking sexy, if you ask me...especially when you're not even two yet!  Jeez...
Excuse the manky ironing board, floor, life...  Even the top is manky with old food stains under those flies, but I'm too frugal/stingy to put flies on a top that is still clean and wearable.  They don't exactly breathe a new lease of life into a garment!

I'll be sure to share a picture of the outfit in its totality (complete with toddler inside!) before the month is out.  I hope it turns out OK.  A Halloween costume is one of those funny mothering firsts (last year was lower key/less public) that you don't really think about too much before it happens.


  1. I think your drawn flies are really good, I think you should be drawing more things on Dulcie's clothing, she is a lucky girl :) It looks like it will be a good outfit, good luck with it and have a great Halloween! safxxx

    1. Thank you, Saf :) I had forgotten the thrill of transfer paper until I used it the other day and was thinking I should come up with some projects for it. I'm not sure what I would (or could!) draw though. I think creepy flies are probably only good for Halloween!


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