Thursday, October 17, 2013

do you love salvage?

 We made our first ever trip to Love Salvage this weekend and I sure did love their salvage!  There were loads of interesting things to look at and, even though the only thing I bought was a blouse, I was tempted by many items.  This upcycled toy box was calling my name very loudly, but Graham was firm in his refusal, claiming we could make one ourselves for a lot less money.  Well, yes, we COULD, but...  So now we're keeping our eyes peeled for old trunks, furniture legs and beautiful paper with soldiers on it.  Oh yeah, and we're looking for a free weekend for construction purposes!
Dulcie, most conveniently, snoozed in her pram (a rare occurrence these days) while we had a good look round.  

We're definitely planning to visit Love Salvage on a semi-regular basis so I'm glad it's so conveniently close to the underground.  It's the sort of place you know will throw up something amazing one day.  Hopefully whatever that thing is won't be too expensive once we find it... Still, they did say they're happy to haggle!


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