Sunday, October 20, 2013


Dulcie loves hedgehogs at the moment, or "eggoes" as she calls them. She always wants me to make hedgehogs out of playdough. It will be her birthday soon, so I'm thinking of making her a hedgehog cake a bit like this. I think the amount of chocolate in this design will be good to help me get over the shock at Dulcie turning two already! And this sort of cake (I'm presuming mine won't look quite as good) might not be beyond even my non-existent baking/decorating skills. I do like the home-made look, you know... as evidenced by last year's Hungry Caterpillar! Ha!


  1. I love the caterpillar cake! I'm sure the hedgehog will be just as good with all that chocolate going on! Dulcie looked like she loved the caterpillar :) she is growing up fast! Will love to see how the hedgehog making goes :) safxxx


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