Friday, October 4, 2013


 I'm not usually one for the acronyms of youth, but... OMG!  My sister emailed me a link to these amazing animal pompoms on Mr Printables this morning and I was so amazed by them that I burnt my (special treat) pain au chocolat!  How cute?!  We all know I love pom poms at the best of times, but now I feel I haven't really appreciated their full potential.  Who knew pom poms could be THIS good?!  I have decided I simply must make the lion (and maybe the tiger and the panda and the koala) for Dulcie to go in her room... if she ever gets one, that is.
 Looking a bit further on Mr Printables, I found these pom pom flowers, which I also loved, and they got me thinking of the further potential of pom poms.  Could any design be pom-pom-ified?  I decided I would really like to make Dulcie's name in pom poms to hang on her future-bedroom door.  I had just started trying to fathom how I would fashion pom pom letters when...
...I noticed Mr Printables had already created a really great tutorial detailing how to do it!  So I'm thinking maybe a lion at each end of Dulcie's name?  Pom-pom-tastic!

But I need to remember how addicted I got to pom pom making before and, looking at the recent influx of pom pom posts on Mr Printables, it seems inevitable that these would send me straight back down that slippery slope... Oh well, at least all those fuzzy balls of loveliness will provide a soft landing :)


  1. Hey Laura! These are too cute, thanks for sharing..I'm going to have to try and make the lion and tiger for jimmy's room...pompoms are so addictive aren't they, I had a little flurry of making them at the start of the year to hang on the xmas tree but this may restart the obsession!

    1. What have I done, Moira?! These pom poms will be the end of us all! Oh well, I'll pass the blame back to Mr Printables, along with the credit.

      Have fun making and I hope Jimmy likes his lion and tiger :)

  2. Replies
    1. And in an incredible act of forward planning, you have given both your girls nice short names :)


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